A cathartic guide to a healthy freshers

Approaching ways to deal with the rise in mental health in universities can seem like a daunting task. The drastic changes in lifestyle and environment students face as they move away from home for the first time can lead to a number of problems. Despite the scale of the problem there are a number of solutions that apply not only to students but those suffering from mental health generally. A series of healthy lifestyle choices can help one foster the core skills needed to navigate their new surroundings. These include, though are not limited to, utilising mentor services, meditation, sport and group activities. In this article we intend to explore some of the benefits students can experience once they decide to initiate a well rounded self care routine in their daily lives.


The first step to getting control over our mental health is being able to maintain a tranquil state through times of adversities. University will be both stressful and fun, the ability to maintain composure and wellbeing through both is a must. An often overlooked tool for anyone seeking to regain control of their own mind is meditation. Not only is it incredibly good for you it is also free, simple and easy to do. A simple 5-20 minute routine in the morning can completely reshape the way you approach your day. It will allow you to step back and take a breathe if anything gets to overwhelming.

Following a meditation routine with a simple written list of gratification is also shown to help develop a positive mindset.  Listed below are some websites and educational videos that can help get you started on the right path.



Sport and Societies

Another helpful and invigorating activity that releases endorphins as well as providing a great place to socialise is sport. Most universities have a wide variety of different sporting activities to offer. A lot of students intend to start exercising while at uni.  While this often falls by the wayside as the studies and partying eat up time that doesn’t mean the same has to apply to you. By getting signed up at a freshers fair you can reduce anxiety and other symptoms while getting to meet new people and get over the nerves of starting uni.

Whilst on the topic of team activities another great social platform is your local university societies. Most universities host a vast array of clubs and societies you can join and meet others with shared interest. From quidditch teams to chess clubs or gardening societies there is usually something for every body. If what you love isn’t listed as a pre-existing society why not make your own? Not only does this give you a platform to meet others it also looks great on your CV as it shows initiative and a passionate personality.


University can be whatever you choose to make of it and for many will be the best three years of their lives. Making sure you have the right lifestyle and routine in place for coping is a must and can help you through whatever life may throw at you. To find out how we’re trying to help students across the UK explore the rest of our website by clicking the link below.


If you are seeking to tackle mental health within your organisation click here to find out more SpeakOut

If you or a loved one are concerned regarding mental health visit the NHS