Winter Blues

It’s getting to the time of year that young children start thinking of what’s under the tree. Families, parents and couples start preparing for the inevitable christmas dinner that, if all goes well will run smoothly (it rarely does). But it also a time of year when it starts getting cold. The days are shorter, lethargy sets in and many people find themselves feeling the effects of depression. Now maybe this is just a blip on the map but for many the winter times are the hardest. If you feel that might be you, consider reading the rest of this article to find some ways you can alleviate any symptoms.

Support Networks

Building a support network is important for people of all ages. Maybe you are in a new place in your life, studying, working, new relationship or recently singled. Wherever you are though you need a good friendship group or even just one or two individuals to share your feelings with. This helps all of you deal with the ups and downs that life throws our way.

Sleeping patterns

Improving sleeping patterns is another easy way to fight off those winter blues. Getting to sleep and waking up earlier is a sure fire way to get more time out of your day to do the things you love. Wether its exercise, a new diet or really just trying to get the most out of your time, an earlier rise can help us spend more time where we need to most. It has also been shown that those who rise early are more likely to stick to exercise routines which is another sure fire way of beating the colder months.

Food and nutrition

This can go hand in a hand with a change in diet. Eating more fruit, veg and fresh food can vastly improve ones mood and energy levels. It helps us to perform better and feel great doing it. Whilst the effects of these techniques may set in slow once adopting them you should feel a noticeable improvement in your mood.

Beating procrastination

Beating procrastination is another useful technique for achieving more and feeling better. Beginning and sticking to new routines can help elevate and improve our wellbeing. Keeping a journal is a good way of noting and monitoring your success and is shown to aid self improvement. Noting down our feelings, ideas and goals is incredibly useful and rewarding.


Whilst it may be cold outside and the days are short you can make the most out of your winter. By sticking to new routines, eating healthy, exercising and keeping in touch with friends you will see your mood change. However if you feel you a loved one needs medical help utilise the NHS service below. To see how we at Cathartic are trying to help explore the rest of our website.

If you are seeking to tackle mental health within your organisation click here to find out more SpeakOut

If you or a loved one are concerned regarding mental health visit the NHS