Mental health technology

Taking a well rounded look at the emerging mental health technology market one can see that it is beginning to blossom. Around the world start-ups and health care providers are looking for ways to reduce the burden placed on traditional mental health services. This is assisted by a wide variety of technologies. From virtual reality to real time health tracking via worn objects, businesses are utilising anything they can to help. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies behind these companies and how they have helped to revolutionise healthcare.


Mobile phones

One may not think of mobile phones as the best way to start caring for mental wellbeing but this device is of paramount importance. Now that most people are armed with a direct portel to content and apps, providers can now offer more outgoing treatment. With apps such as What’s up allowing habit tracking and CBT technology over the phone consumers have never been closer to the help they need. There are also apps such as Quit That which allow customers to track there efforts to stem problems with addiction and maintain the positive changes they are attempting to make.


Chat services

Mobile phones also work in some cases as a solution to loneliness. With a wide variety of chat services available including Samaritans and Kooth users can use their mobile phone or laptop to speak to trained professionals. This is especially effective for the elderly who, due to lacking mobility, are unable to socialise.


Virtual reality

Another futuristic solution to mental health issues is on offer by Oxford VR. Oxford Vr was created by Oxford university to combat phobias. It allows users to step into a simulated environment to face their fears. They have used it to treat anxiety, fears of heights and other similar issues but the potential is far reaching. Other companies are hoping that soon a simulated therapist will be able to care for patients as if they were really in the room with them. Not only does this help the individual patient but also the system as a whole as more individuals can be cared for at any one time.


There is a wide variety of interesting solutions being created to help the mental health epidemic we currently face. However, more can be done. To see how we at Cathartic are trying to help try clicking the link below.

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