Workplace revolution

In an ever changing work environment it can seem impossible to catch the trend. One minute standing desks are the fad, the next it’s working from home. Communal work spaces, AI enabled automation or conference call technology are changing the way people make a living. Who knows what the future may hold! Freelance and transitory work is becoming the norm for many modern day professionals. Today we intend to look at some of the ways these changes are affecting the 9/5.

Community work

Whilst gaining a sense of community from work is nothing new communal work spaces intend to flip this idea on its head. No longer are you stuck in the same office space, with the same people, doing the same job day in day out. Companies such as WeWork and Google are creating spaces where workers of various professions can pay to work either on a month by month, day by day or hour by hour basis.


This fosters a sense of community with the ability to share ideas between different skill sets. This market in ideas allows for a happier and more productive workplace environment. It also introduces an element of variety and spontaneity into the average working day. There is now no need to constrained to one city or one lease as a freelance worker. With communal spaces you can simply work one day in one city and another in the next!


A more technology based shift is also occurring. With deep learning and AI technology becoming more mainstream many of the jobs of the past will soon be gone. Taxi drivers shall be replaced by autonomous vehicles  and some jobs may cease to exist altogether. However, this does not have to be a bad thing. Automated assistance can make jobs easier and allow for a more relaxed, less time consuming working week. While this has to be carried out alongside the right ethics code and government policy AI may massively improve the standard of living for many around the world.

Conference Call

Another less futuristic advance in the way global business is carried out is conference calling. Whilst many people take technologies such as skype and google conference as a given they have dramatically changed the way we interact. Travelling to meetings is no longer a necessity. Interacting with those around the globe has never been easier.

Whilst who knows what the future holds the advances in technology we have seen in the last ten years has been phenomenal. Changing and modernising the way we do business and interact is a must to reduce the need for the traditional 9/5. This allows advances in creativity and wellbeing alongside an easier business environment. To see how we are attempting to help businesses and individuals around the world click the link below.

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